The Central Minnesota Woodworker's Association is a group of men and women from around the St. Cloud Minnesota area who share a common interest in the art and business of woodworking. We meet monthly in St. Cloud to share information, techniques and topics of interest in the area of woodworking. Learn more about membership or support.

October CMWA Meeting

Our presentation for our next meeting will address "Harmful Dust" a great follow-up to our dust collection presentation in September. Rich Blenkush will lead this discussion. Rich was the industrial arts instructor at Albany High School for several years.

September CMWA Meeting

Our September meeting will be back at our home, the Paramount Theater, September 17th, 7:pm. "Dust collection systems for the small shop" will be the topic of our presentation, John from SRC will do the presentation.

August CMWA Meeting

MEETING LOCATION CHANGE!!! Our August meeting will be held at Denny Myers shop, August 20th, 7:00 pm. Denny will demonstrate how to operate the hollow chisel mortiser. See the newsletter for directions.

July CMWA Meeting

July will be our annual CMWA picnic. The picnic will be held at Devin Middendorf's wood shop located at the Middendorf family farm, Wednesday, July 16th at 6:30 pm. See the newsletter for directions.

May CMWA Meeting

At the May meeting, Jim Sannerud, from the North House Folk School will inform us on their many hands on woodworking classes. Jim will also do a woodworking demonstration. He will have course catalogs available. Jim is an instructor there and makes his living as a woodworker

April CMWA Meeting

The next meeting will be April 16th. Rollie will demonstrate jointer set-up, if you own a
jointer don’t miss this educational event.

March CMWA Meeting

The March CMWA activity is a preview by Don W. of the Shaker furniture project.

February CMWA Meeting

Our activity for February is Simple Wood Carvings for Ornamentation, presented by Denny and Brad.

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