The Central Minnesota Woodworker's Association is a group of men and women from around the St. Cloud Minnesota area who share a common interest in the art and business of woodworking. We meet monthly in St. Cloud to share information, techniques and topics of interest in the area of woodworking. Learn more about membership or support.

December CMWA Meeting

There will not be a specific meeting topic this month. Instead we will celebrate the past year with a pot luck dinner. Please bring your significant other and join us for a celebration of friendship and cheer. The doors of the school will open around 6:15 and we will plan on starting the buffet line about 6:30. Bring a dish to share and join us for a fun evening. We will have a show-and-tell session. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Plates, Cups, Glasses and silverware will be provided. Coffee and bottled water will be supplied. If you would prefer beverages other than these, please feel free to bring your own.

November CMWA Meeting

Time to shave: inshaves, spokeshaves, travishers, and drawknives.
These tools are great time savers when it comes to reducing large chunks of wood to smaller chunks. These tools reached their height of popularity during the 18th century when manpower did most of the woodworking and being able to remove a lot of wood quickly was important. Today these tools are used in much the same manner as then, but we also use them for fine trimming and shaping. In fact, Windsor chairs are primarily made using these tools. It will be an eye opening demo.

October CMWA Meeting

Rollie Johnson is going to demonstrate creating an inlay at the next meeting. This will be a hands-on demonstration so if you would like to try you hand at inlaying bring the smallest router you have with a 1/4in. straight bit installed, a chunk of wood at least a couple of feet long and the wider the better, 1/4in and 1/2in. bench chisels, mallet, razor knife and a couple of clamps to secure the board to the shop workbenches. This should open up some new design possibilities for your upcoming projects.

September CMWA Meeting

This month’s meeting topic, presented by Bill Simpson, is about Intarsia. Intarsia is similar to Marquetry; it is the craft of using various shapes and colors of wood pieced together to create a mosaic like picture.

August CMWA Meeting

Our August gathering will be a tour of Woodcraft Industries, 525 Lincoln Ave SE, St. Cloud. The tour will begin at 7:00 PM at the main West plant on August 19th. The tour should last about an hour or so depending on the number of questions.

Woodturners July 2009 Video

Included Content

Highlights of the July CMWA Woodturners Group meeting, a pen turning demonstration hosted and presented by John Skalla.

July 2009 CMWA Meeting Video

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Greg Pont hosts the July 15th meeting with a pig roast and demonstrations of his Wood Beaver firewood procession machine and Wood Mizer sawmill.

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