July Woodturners Group Meeting Recap

Our monthly wood turners meeting took place at Dick Beumer’s shop Saturday, July 12th. The meeting opened with a show and tell segment, where wood turners presented different projects that they have completed. A couple of presenters were Dick Beumer, JoAnn Johnson, John Gaye and Jake Schneider. Dick presented his natural edge bowls cut of pieces of maple. JoAnn displayed some beautiful pens turned out of some mohagany and rosewood. John showed off an attractive box made out of cedar. Finally, Jake presented his unique baseball bat wind chime that was made out of maple. There were a couple of different demonstrations that began with Dick showing the group his pyramid scraping tool. Next, Gary Mrozek demonstrated a ball turning device he’s been building. It will shape a perfect sphere from 1” to 5” in diameter. His goal is to make the device available to other club members for make balls for item like Crocket and Bocce Ball games.