June CMWA Meeting - Art Crawl

Our club next club meeting is on Friday, June 14th from 4 pm until 9 pm in the Rehearsal Hall at the Paramount. This coincides with the Art Crawl. We are beginning a club project that will be exciting and a great benefit to the club and the Paramount.

The Project: "A tall case clock resembling the mid-18th century style. The walnut case will feature a mechanical movement with moving moon dial. The wood cabinet will showcase turned and carved finials, turned columns at the hood, turned and fluted columns at the base and trunk with some inlay work."

Purpose: "To share with the Paramount Art District and local arts community a product resulting from the talents of the Central Minnesota Woodworkers Association members. We will create a finished product (clock) by demonstrating our collaborative skills during the June, August and November Art Crawls. The finished clock will either be donated to a charity or used as a fund raising item for the CMWA."