May CMWA Meeting

Wednesday May 16th, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Paramount Tech Center, Waite Park

At our monthly meeting, Rollie Johnson and Jim Preusser will be presenting the topic of Brace and Bit. I am sure all of us have an old brace hanging up on the wall of our shop as a decoration but did you know that you can actually use it? Tim Dubois and I were “educated” on its use by Mike Siemsen at the Lie Neilson Hand Tool Event earlier this spring when we built a Moxon style vice that can be clamped onto a workbench. There is a little bit of a trick in using a brace but once you figure it out it’s a handy tool to keep around.
If you have a little something you recently made, please bring it in and tell us about it. We all can learn from each other and having a good conversation starter really spurs quite a bit of interest.