The Central Minnesota Woodworker's Association is a group of men and women from around the St. Cloud Minnesota area who share a common interest in the art and business of woodworking. We meet monthly in St. Cloud to share information, techniques and topics of interest in the area of woodworking. Learn more about membership or support.

November CMWA Meeting

Time to shave: inshaves, spokeshaves, travishers, and drawknives.
These tools are great time savers when it comes to reducing large chunks of wood to smaller chunks. These tools reached their height of popularity during the 18th century when manpower did most of the woodworking and being able to remove a lot of wood quickly was important. Today these tools are used in much the same manner as then, but we also use them for fine trimming and shaping. In fact, Windsor chairs are primarily made using these tools. It will be an eye opening demo.

October CMWA Meeting

Rollie Johnson is going to demonstrate creating an inlay at the next meeting. This will be a hands-on demonstration so if you would like to try you hand at inlaying bring the smallest router you have with a 1/4in. straight bit installed, a chunk of wood at least a couple of feet long and the wider the better, 1/4in and 1/2in. bench chisels, mallet, razor knife and a couple of clamps to secure the board to the shop workbenches. This should open up some new design possibilities for your upcoming projects.

September CMWA Meeting

This month’s meeting topic, presented by Bill Simpson, is about Intarsia. Intarsia is similar to Marquetry; it is the craft of using various shapes and colors of wood pieced together to create a mosaic like picture.

August CMWA Meeting

Our August gathering will be a tour of Woodcraft Industries, 525 Lincoln Ave SE, St. Cloud. The tour will begin at 7:00 PM at the main West plant on August 19th. The tour should last about an hour or so depending on the number of questions.

Woodturners July 2009 Video

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Highlights of the July CMWA Woodturners Group meeting, a pen turning demonstration hosted and presented by John Skalla.

July 2009 CMWA Meeting Video

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Greg Pont hosts the July 15th meeting with a pig roast and demonstrations of his Wood Beaver firewood procession machine and Wood Mizer sawmill.

July CMWA Meeting

The July meeting will be held at Greg Pont’s lumber mill on July 15th. The event will also be B.Y.O.B. and we are asking for a $5 donation to cover costs associated with the meal. We plan on serving around 6:00, but if you would like to come a little earlier or later or bring a side dish that would be fine. Greg’s mill is indoor with a large enough area to seat us all in the event of rain. It would be a good idea to bring a chair.

You can learn more at

Directions to Greg’s are as follows:
From highway 10 in Royalton, take County Road 26 (also known as Nature Road) West to Bowlus. Turn North on County Road 24 (also known as 120th avenue). After about ½ mile, 24 turns into 238. Keep going North on 238 for about 3 miles until you reach 80th street. Turn East on 80th street and Greg’s place is ½ mile in.

June CMWA Meeting

Those of you who know Dave, know that his wealth of experience and down to earth demeanor make him a very enjoyable speaker.

Dave will be talking about and demonstrating vacuum pressing systems. He will discuss electric pumps, venturi generators and hand pumps.

There is a vacuum force demonstration planned to give us a feel for what type of forces these systems can generate. Part of the demo will include how to make forms and the materials used.

Dave will also share his experiences with us on the 3 different types of glues used in vacuum pressing: flexible, semi-ridgid and ridgid. It should be an informative presentation.

May CMWA Meeting

The May CMWA meeting subject is Wood Drying with Paul Herbst. Paul has a facility just off Hwy 23 near Foreston, MN. He brings in wood from sawmills, dries it, dimensions it, and either returns the dried lumber to the sawyer or sells it himself. Greg Pont has Paul dry wood for him. Paul should be able to answer any of your drying questions.

May Woodturners Meeting

The May meeting of the Woodturners Group will be Saturday, May 16th at 9:00AM at the home of Dick Beumer, 3750 15th Street NE, Sauk Rapids. Dick will demonstrate how to build and use jam chucks. If time permits we will also have a hands-on activity to rough out round blanks to be used at our June meeting. Bring your face shields, roughing gouge and apparel. The topic of the June meeting is Spindle Turning Basics - Beads and Coves. Our blind auctions are going strong. Bring an item to donate and/or cash to purchase. Our challenge project for May is a weed pot.

All future meetings of the Woodturners Group will be held on the third Saturday of each month. This will coincide with the Wednesday night CMWA meeting to utilize the Club newsletter as the meeting reminder.

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