The Central Minnesota Woodworker's Association is a group of men and women from around the St. Cloud Minnesota area who share a common interest in the art and business of woodworking. We meet monthly in St. Cloud to share information, techniques and topics of interest in the area of woodworking. Learn more about membership or support.

April CMWA Meeting

We have a group of four members who are making replicas of a Stickley arm chair. The group consists of Tom Zak, John Skalla, Jim Pruesser and Scott Randall. They will be discussing their experiences of working as a group, demonstrating a few of the tools they used and sharing some of the problems they encountered.

April Woodturners Meeting

The Woodturners Group will meet Saturday April 18th at the home of Gary Mrozek 1314 West Oakes Drive, St. Cloud. The subject is EXTREME turning - the construction and use if a steady rest. The challenge project is an egg (plain or decorated). Bring items for the silent auction.

March Woodturners Meeting

Our agenda will be an open forum to discuss topic and issues of your choice. There will also be a demonstration and hands-on opportunity of a shop build “Laser Guided Deep Hollowing Tool” on both a mini and full sized lathe. Information will be shared regarding a possible custom education course at St. Cloud Vocational College where you’ll have an opportunity to fabricate a tool like this for your own. Be sure to bring your Show & Tell items and donations for the silent auction. If you don't have a donation, bring some cash!. Proceeds will go towards multi media items for our member's library.

February CMWA Meeting

Gary Mrozek will demonstrate how to set up and use a jointer to achieve those perfectly straight boards. He’s also going to demonstrate changing blades, which can be a real challenge with a straight knife jointer. Glenn Street and Rollie Johnson will talk about insert cutterheads for jointers and planers. They will compare spiral and helical and explain how they cut and show some examples of how the helical shearing cut results in minimal tear-out even in typically hard to plane wood such as curly or figured maple.

January CMWA Meeting

To get to John Caye’s shop go about 4 miles north of the Holiday station in Sartell (across the river from the paper mill). You need to be on the west side of the river on Riverside Avenue North which turns into hwy 1. Take a right on Pine Point Road and John’s place is about ½ mile on the left side. The fire number signs are 4391 and 4392. He has 3 lighted snowmen and a seasons greetings sign out front.

John’s driveway is long and only wide enough for one car. There is parking at the end of the driveway near the shop. If this parking area fills up, parking out on the side of Pine Point Road is fine.

If you will need to sit down during the meeting, you should plan on bringing your own chair.

Empty Bowls Soup Feed Benefit

When: 11 am - 6 pm March 22.
Where: The Paramount Arts District, 913 St. Germain Street.
What: A benefit where participants can show their support of the work of hundreds of St. Cloud area students and volunteers who have made a new bowl for them. Each attendee receives a handmade bowl, soup, bread and a beverage and there will be a variety of entertainment. Benefactor bowls are kept as a reminder that someone else’s bowl is always empty. All proceeds will go to benefit local agencies who serve those in need. Contact: Connie North, Lutheran Social Service at 654-1090 or
Cost: $10 per individual, $30 for family.

January Woodturners Meeting

The Woodturners Group will meet at 9:00am, January 10th at the home of Gary Mrozek at 1314 West Oakes Drive. Connie North will give a presentation about the Empty Bowls event at the Paramount Theater on March 22nd. All CMWA members and guests are welcome to attend this meeting to learn more about this event and how we as an organization can help.

If you've ever had an interest in making a bowl on a lathe, now is the time. We’ll begin a detailed demonstration on the basic turning for the beginner, starting with how best to cut the log. We'll be roughing out bowl blanks mounted on face plates, screw chucks and 4-jaw chucks. We'll discuss the differences between a spindle gouge and a bowl gouge and the different sharpening profiles. There’ll be hands-on opportunity to shape the inside and the outside of a bowl and learn different techniques from different members.

The January Challenge Project is “Go Green”. Members are encouraged to seek out unique recycling opportunities to make an item out of a previously used or discarded piece of wood. A before picture or sample scrap should accompany your item if possible. Photos will be taken for our website.

Details are being worked out for a second January meeting. This meeting is a segmented turning workshop. The event will run from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday January 22nd at Gary Mrozek’s home. This is a hands-on workshop of the basic design and construction of a segmented bowl. There will be a small fee (to be determined) to cover materials, supplies and lunch. Details will be shared at the January 10th meeting. Call Gary at (320) 252-2764 for more details.

December CMWA Meeting

Although election of officers is on the agenda, December will primarily be a social event. See the listing on page 2 of the newsletter for a detailed description of who was nominated at the November meeting.

All members are encouraged to bring their spouse or friend along with a “pot luck” dish to share for the December meeting. Beverages will be provided.

November CMWA Meeting

Our guest speaker this month is Lennie Merdan. Lennie specializes in building boxes. He is an excellent resource for information related to joints, inlays, and material selection. He is very down to earth and downright enjoyable to converse with.

Nominations of officers will be part of the November meeting. There is a detailed description of open positions for which we will ask for nominations on sheet 2 of the newsletter.

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